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Israel and the UAE agree to recognize each other's driving permits

MEDIA / Articles / Israel and the UAE agree to recognize each other's driving permits
Days after the UAE and Israel agreed to a free trade pact, the two nations complete a deal recognizing each other's drivers licenses. An official agreement between the UAE and Israel enables citizens of either nation to receive the driver's license of the other.

The drivers will only need to submit their original driver's license to receive a new driving license for the nation under this new deal, which will be put into effect soon.

This will help Israeli citizens who move to the two nations temporarily or permanently and desire to get a driver's license as well as UAE nationals and residents.

Longer-term residents will also have the option of exchanging their licenses for local ones.

Since the Abraham Accord was signed in September 2020, the two countries' trade, economic, and political ties have significantly improved thanks to the signing of more than 60 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in the industries of finance, energy, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, and media.

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