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Asset Protection. Keep What is Yours

Thousands of entrepreneurs each year lose their homes, their savings, and their spouse or partner’s assets to boot. Such misfortune is as avoidable as it is traumatic. All too often, by the time they see us it is too late to avoid a personal bankruptcy.

Do you want to prevent this from happening? Do you want to decide what happens with your hard-earned fortune and heritage? Do you want to keep what is yours?

A substantial number of our clients call upon us to help protect their assets – from daily operational risks in the course of their trade, from frivolous lawsuits in our present-day claims culture and excessive inheritance tax.

How does Asset Protection work?

The key to asset protection lies in the separation of liabilities: personal liability, different business ventures, real estate, pension or ‘rainy-day-funds’ should all be separated. The simplest form of asset protection is a limited liability company (already available for only €195). It can be used to separate your private assets from the risks associated with your business venture.

Using this type of company often makes good fiscal sense as well because a sole-proprietor enjoys special tax incentives, in particular the tax break for start-ups and small businesses.

But many entrepreneurs stick to this simple legal form long after their business and profits have outgrown it!

Depending on your needs, additional layers of protection can be added to protect your interests. For example, you can protect your company from the risks and liabilities of a former sole-proprietorship or general partnership by setting up a Trust. Your estate can be protected from (divorce) claims using a Foundation, intellectual property can be managed by an offshore IP holding company and so on.

Freemont gladly assists you with setting up Legal Structures and Solutions for your business. This will help protect you against the bad faith of third party claims and serve to guide you on the long and winding road of tax planning reliably, within the confines of the law.

These are Asset Protection solutions that help you to keep what is yours.

You can look at Trusts and Foundations:

Do you wish to stay informed?

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