DIFC Dubai Will Registry – What Happens When You Pass Away?

PUBLICATIONS / Articles / 2015 / DIFC Dubai Will Registry – What Happens When You Pass Away?
In Offshore Investment Adriaan Struijk and Phivos Michaelides explain how Dubai International Financial City (DIFC) launched the Dubai Wills and Probate Registry.This is a major contribution to the attractiveness of Dubai as an investment hub for foreign investors.

Because now (finally) non-Muslims have a way to choose the way their assets are distributed upon their decease. In fact, they will have complete testamentary freedom based on common law principles.
  • What is the Dubai Wills and Probate Registry?
  • How things used to work.
  • How the Dubai Will clears all confusion.
  • How does one register a will.
  • What happens when the testator dies.
Discover exactly how it works here: New DIFC Dubai Wills and Probate Registy.

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