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Entrepreneurs and businessmen in today’s world face more and more government regulations and taxes. On this website you can discover how a corporate services provider like Freemont Group can help you to legally keep the fruits of your hard labor.

By means of International Tax Planning and International Company Formation you can easily set up business in a low tax jurisdiction within the confines of the law. The tax planning tools normally used by big multinationals are also available to you!


Corporate services provider Freemont Group can assist you with the provision of offshore services and international tax planning, giving you sensible and practical information on mitigating your taxes in a legal and compliant manner.

We offer international company formation and administration, management/ nominee/ secretarial services, international tax planning, international estate planning, international asset protection and bank introductions.


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Incorporate Your Company In A Low Tax Jurisdiction.

Perhaps you have been thinking about setting up business in a low tax jurisdiction. We can do this for you in an efficient and cost effective way.

Please read our International Company Formation page to see an overview of what we can offer and to see how you can benefit from structuring your business internationally.


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International Tax Planning. How You Can Benefit.

In this globalized and digital world it has become increasingly easy to set up and manage your business internationally. The use of international tax planning gives you the freedom to decide for yourself where you want to allocate your assets and profits.


We provide tax planning tools for the following professionals: International Entrepreneurs and International Consultants. For those looking for a Holding Company. And for owners of Intellectual Property.

To discover how Tax Planning can be of significant benefit to you, please visit our International Tax Planning page.


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Asset Protection. Keep What Is Yours.

Daily operational risks, inadequate estate planning and frivolous lawsuits in our present-day claims culture. All too often, by the time entrepreneurs think about asset protection it is too late to avoid personal bankruptcy. Thousands of entrepreneurs each year lose their homes, their savings, and their spouse or partner’s assets to boot. Such misfortune is as traumatic as it is avoidable.


Visit our Asset Protection page for more information on the importance of asset protection.

Discover more about Foundation Formation or find out what Trust Formation can mean for you.


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