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Freemont Group was founded in Cyprus in 2001. Since 2006 we have relocated our headquarters in Dubai. Our typical clients are internationally operating companies, entrepreneurs, advisors, international consultants, traders, online marketing specialists, digital nomads, high net worth individuals, international entrepreneurs, artists, sportsmen and many more clients from all over the world.

Our commitment is to undertake a professional approach to our clients’ specific needs. Freemont Group’s clients receive a personalised approach tailored to their needs and targets.
Our aim is to assist our clients to succeed throughout their entire business life cycle and enhance value to their stakeholders whilst providing a timely and effective service.
By using our Company Formation services you can easily set up a business in a low tax jurisdiction within the confines of the law. The Tax Planning tools normally used by big multinationals are now available for you to utilize.

How can Freemont help you

Freemont Group can deliver your business the support you need to plan for the future and take make your goals reality. Our qualified practitioners possess extensive experience in international tax planning and restructuring, company formation, financial and IFRS reporting and management consultancy.
Entrepreneurs and businessmen in today’s world face more and more government regulations and taxes.

Corporate services provider Freemont Group can assist you with the provision of offshore services and international tax planning, giving you sensible and practical information on mitigating your taxes in a legal and compliant manner. We incorporate companies in multiple destinations globally namely Dubai and the UAE, Cyprus, the UK, Panama and many more.We will assist you by the doing paperwork needed to set up your business. We will also explore the best banking solution for you and provide you with an introduction.

We have extensive knowledge about the tax implications of doing business internationally, and for medium to small sized companies we are the ideal sparring partner. Our aim is to give you the best advice possible. But we will also tell you when something is not a good idea. This combination of services, expertise and honesty makes us unique.





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30 August 2016
Proposed amendments to Cyprus Intellectual Property Box

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30 August 2016
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29 August 2016
Emiratis have visa-free access to EU real estate on favourable terms

Changes in the European Union legislation, allow Emiratis to enter the Schengen area with the need for a visa. The amendment of the EU law may...



Our aim is to give you the best advice possible. But we will also tell you when something is not a good idea. This combination of services, expertise and honesty makes us unique.


Our goal is to simplify complicated tax planning matters and offer you the best solution available.


Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and consultants from all over the world.

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