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Freemont Oneworld Group Wins ‘Outstanding Partner Certificate’ from IFZA Freezone Registry

MEDIA / Articles / Freemont Oneworld Group Wins ‘Outstanding Partner Certificate’ from IFZA Freezone Registry
We are delighted to announce that Freemont Oneworld Group has been awarded the 2022 Outstanding Partner Certificate ' at the IFZA Freezone Registry.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), a leading free zone that provides local and international businesses the ideal platforms, infrastructure and location that optimize the benefits of the UAE’s geographic position, world-class infrastructure and business-and tax-friendly environments.
IFZA celebrated the outstanding performance of its ever-growing network of partners and consultants that promote IFZA and attract company registrations in one of the Dubai’s leading free zones.

Freemont Oneworld Group is a multi-disciplinary professional firm taking care of international companies, entrepreneurs and private businessmen. Our one-stop-shop offers a plethora of services ranging from and not limited to company formation and administration, tax planning, global compliance, accounting, VAT advice and submission, financial and legal advisory and asset protection.

Commenting on the award, our Chairman George Philippides, who advises clients on their international activities had this to say: "The award testifies our commitment in taking a personal, professional and partnership approach to our clients’ specific needs. Our mandate and our success, can be reduced to an essential formula: possess a thorough knowledge, interpret that knowledge wisely and offer those interpretations promptly, clearly and in a personable way. Our people are high calibre and able professionals in their respective fields. They have been carefully recruited and suitably-trained and mentored to our ethics and business standards. This combination of hands-on expertise, training and honesty makes us special.”

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