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New Law boosts digital transformation and legal value of digital signature in UAE

MEDIA / Articles / 2021 / New Law boosts digital transformation and legal value of digital signature in UAE
UAE announced new law which will boost the legal value of digital signatures further supported by safe modern technologies. The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has confirmed that the Electronic Transactions and Trust Services Law enhanced by the Federal Decree Law no. 46 of 2021 has enabled a new digital transformation in the UAE.

The new law will have positive impact on UAE’s position to become one of the leading nations in providing digital services. The new law enables digital signature to be accepted as if it is a handwritten signature.

As the UAE celebrates its golden jubilee and 50-years of its formation, the nation is also starting a new chapter towards the UAE Centennial 2071 by enhancing digital transformation which have great impact on the UAE’s economy, society and the whole of UAE.

For UAE’s 50-year jubilee, this is a new turning point as the issuance of the decree law on Electronic Transactions and Trust Services aims to build approved and reliable digital transactions which enhance the identification of all individual identities and confirm their authenticity and integrity of data sources.

This means that the legal value of digital signatures will be well supported by the modern technologies and digital signatures will have the legal authority to be accepted as if it is a handwritten signature. This means that for people living inside or outside of UAE can take part and complete various transactions involving signing contracts, agreements, and every other transactions involving digital signatures save as such countries have adopted a digital identity and trust system with similar standards like those of UAE. This means many civil and commercial transactions including marriage, personal status, notary, and renting, buying, selling and contract modification will be facilitated. 

Additionally, there will be an increase in the effectiveness of judicial procedures. Any instance relating to acceptance, creation, and maintenance of files in its electronic form will be supported and that acceptance of digital signature will facilitate the issuance of necessary permissions, licenses, and approvals in the electronic form along with acceptance of fees or any payment in the same manner.

Overall, this is a positive step to a great future based on a comprehensive and long term vision of the UAE.

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