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How can Virtual Office help businesses in UAE?

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What is a virtual Office?

Generally speaking, virtual office is a service offered to business owners to carry out their business activities and requirements by people who communicate by means of telephone, email and the internet rather than choosing to work together in a same location. In such case, the business owners are offered perks such as an office address, dedicated telephone number, communication and administration services, access to meeting rooms etc. without the need of a physical space or location.

Is Virtual office a present “thing”?

The virtual office concept is gaining wide popularity and has become a popular workspace solution for all freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs, who prefer working from home but desire to attain a professional sounding business location for their company without burning their pocket. So a Virtual office business address can help them to add more credibility to the business owners which aim to attract clients successfully.

How does it benefit?
  • Cost-efficiency: Saves on overheads, no rent for physical space, wear and tear of office furniture and other office - equipment or hiring a full-time receptionist.
  • Location: Business owners get e desired office address within a reputable area code and post box services, and it is good in way to reassure clients that the business is legitimate.
  • Professional: Unconventional Workspaces and home offices are becoming acceptable worldwide. However, those of who are looking to attract client, who are traditional-minded corporate clients, this definitely pays to have a dedicated office solution along with address and contact details.
  • State of the art infrastructure: at reasonable costs, the business owners can avail high-quality meeting spaces for face-to face meeting with their clients.

How Freemont Oneworld Group can help?

For business owners who are looking to benefit from a professional virtual business setup, Freemont Oneworld Group can help to match you with our virtual office solutions.

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