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Hollywood Goes To The Emirates

What do Hollywood hits like Wall Street, Mission Impossible and Star Wars have in common?
Their makers fell in love with surreal futuristic skylines, wild desert landscapes and luxurious palaces. They fell in love with the United Arab Emirates…

The UAE does not only attract foreign traders, manufacturers and consultants. The movie industry has also recently discovered its numerous advantages. Top Hollywood movie makers queue up to shoot their multimillion projects here.
With a number of recent Hollywood high-quality productions, the UAE is quickly becoming the media hub of the Middle East. Investments were made by the government to develop an infrastructure that includes new film studios, post-production facilities and qualified filming crew. The investment had their results:

It was in Dubai where George Clooney shot his geopolitical thriller Syriana (2005). This film accounted for his first Oscar. Other movie makers followed shortly after him.

After some initial stumbles (in 2009, the producers of Sex and the City II did not manage to obtain the clearance to shoot in Abu Dhabi and subsequently travelled to Morocco), in 2010 the boost really started when the long awaited sequel of Gordon Gecko’s Wall Street story was released. The movie makers named it Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Of course, Dubai was a perfect place for showing the glamorous life of the main protagonists.

Just a year later, Tom Cruise came to Dubai to personally test his acrobatic skills on the Burj Khalifa. This then freshly commissioned “tallest building in the world” played an essential part in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011). Tom Cruise’s climbing scene took 23 days and 400 crew members to shoot. But it quickly entered the top 10 of coolest shots in the history of cinematography.

Last year, the makers of Fast and Furious moved to Abu Dhabi. It is the luxurious hotel Emirates Palace that shines in this iconic action movie.

And last but not least, the seventh episode of Star Wars is currently being shot in Abu Dhabi. The enormous set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens includes a model of a shuttle-like spacecraft, a tall tower and a market place.
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