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Dubai Business Setup – Join The Party

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Dubai Business Setup – Join The Party!

The UAE’s economy is estimated to grow by 4.5 per cent in 2014, supported by its tourism, hospitality, real estate markets, and strategic location for servicing and trading with Europe, Africa and Asia as well as the Middle East of course. Large investors, SMEs and start up entrepreneurs alike are flocking to the UAE. They desire a Dubai business setup here, where they benefit from a the absence of income tax and vat, very low import duties, light regulation and a pro-business and pro-private sector government.

The opportunities here are for the taking, but getting set up here in business is likely different from what a newcomer is used to. The paperwork for forming a company is quite different than in a typical European country. Where to set up a business, and whether to do so in one of the freezones or not, requires the consideration of many factors such as whether services or goods are provided, where the market is (local, GCC or elsewhere), whether to find a local sponsor and how to structure your arrangement with the local sponsor, which areas are zoned correctly for your type of business, and then a few other things.

It doesn’t make it easier that many things are grey and sometimes you will only find out what you can legally do until someone says you can’t do it. The quickest way to get started and to prevent making costly mistakes, is to involve an expert with many years experience doing business in the UAE, a wealth of contacts, and who has navigated the waters here. Preferably it is someone who is also familiar with the corporate environment you are coming from.
Freemont can provide this expertise. Do you need hands-on guidance with selecting the location, carefully consideration which business license to get, finding a local sponsor if necessary, obtaining bank financing or venture capital funding, ensuring the necessary legal agreements are in place, hiring a management team, knowledge of local markets and how to broker deals, and providing you with a wealth of relevant contacts?
Are you representing a small or mid-sized business considering a Dubai business setup? Call us to make an appointment at our office in Dubai. We can help you get started one of the best countries in the world to do business in. And to live in for that matter.
Please read our updated RAK Offshore and Dubai Free Zone page to discover which free zone companies we usually advice our clients. And more importantly, why.
If you want to know more about doing business and living in the UAE, please Contacts Us.
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