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20 Billion EU Bailout To Ukraine From EU Santa Claus

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20 Billion EU Bailout Ukraine From EU Santa Claus

What is happening in Ukraine? Angry cops. Even angrier protesters. Heart breaking images of the violence that comes with it.
The news is showing a revolution in Kiev. And a government replaced.
It wasn’t the first revolution in world’s history and it will not be the last.
But what sparked our attention is when members of the EU parliament Guy Verhofstad and Hans van Baalen climbed the stage to have their moment of fame, addressing the crowd like proper demagogues.
The protesters in Ukraine are ventilating the European values and freedom of speech, they said.
This is very interesting, since in Northern Europe the population has to resort to alternative media to see anything of what is going on in Spain, Greece, Portugal or Italy. Freedom of speech is only desired when it is pro EU.
And who are these people?
Guy Verhofstad. He is the former Belgium prime minister. He is one of the most fanatic EU supporters and he is known for rudely shouting and disturbing members of the EU parliament who dare to speak any form of criticism of what he considers the ideal EU. While in Belgium the problems of unifying two cultures into one nation proves to be so problematic that the country often remains unmanageable, he seemed to be determined to succeed with the EU.
Hans van Baalen. This is a man who can often be found behind the scenes when there is a good old scrimmage going on. He once was deported from Nicaragua after trying to
conscript army generals for a coup d’etat. And he once barely escaped an angry mob in Thailand.
A merry bunch…

20 Billion EU Bailout Ukraine As “Foreign Aid”

Now the dust of battle has barely settled and the news came out that the EU would pay 20 billion in “aid”.
A lot of questions come to mind.
Most important one: why?
Why does a group of nations that already is up to its neck in debt get involved in propping up a country on the expense of its own future generation of tax payers.
What is the benefit for the European tax payer?
And what will be the benefit for the Ukrainian citizen?
When 20 Billion that is handed to the government of a nation that according to Transparency International is the most corrupt nation of Europe. Will this just be added to the amount of debt they already have to service because of previous government mismanagement?
Should they not be allowed to default and start with a clean sheet?
And what does Russia think about these matters? They see (partly Russian speaking) Ukraine as their backyard. Which got turned completely upside down, conveniently when they were occupied with making a success out of the Olympics.
In short, a lot is going on in Ukraine right now and nobody seems to know what will come from it.
We suggest that the EU stops being a platform for sensationalist politicians who like to shirr up foreign wasp nests on the expense of the tax payers from it’s bankrupt member states, who get more and more fed up with the EU acting like a megalomaniacal Santa Clause.
But they did not ask us anything.
Lets hope all will turn out well for the people of Ukraine.
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