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Dubai pavilions reopens – Visit the legacy Site at Expo 2020

MEDIA / Articles / Dubai pavilions reopens – Visit the legacy Site at Expo 2020
Dubai pavilions are all set to open and welcome the visitors from the 1st of October. This idea is to open up the spectacular array of pavilions which have been designed by world famous architects.

The legacy cite is also set to open on 1st of October which is ahead of the opening of the Expo City Dubai. Visitors planning to travel in these times can make the most of their trip to Dubai by experiencing two of the most popular pavilions, which are, Alif – The Mobility Pavilion and, Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion.

This will be a great chance for the visitors to gather wonderful experiences who missed out the Expo 2020.
A minimum entry fee will be charged per person. The reopening will also give the visitors a chance to enjoy the garden in the Sky, which is a rotating observation tower lifting the visitors above the ground and offering a 360 degree view.

Businesses and people shall also be able to move onto the Expo site and secure the spots.

The idea is to bring is a lot of education, entertainment, and innovation and keeping Expo site a busy ones.

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