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UAE signed Industrial partnership for Sustainable Economic growth

MEDIA / Articles / UAE signed Industrial partnership for Sustainable Economic growth
On May 29th, UAE signed the Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Growth with Egypt and Jordan in Abu Dhabi. The partnership aims at boosting growth and looking for opportunities for joint investments in some of the important sectors.

The partnership aims to improve financial development of the three counties in the sectors mainly – metals, minerals and downstream products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, food and fertilizers. This partnership signed with the countries came amidst the UAE’s efforts to support the local industrial sector, enhance the national economy and double the gross domestic product.

UAE has allocated an investment fund of $10 billion to work on the partnership, and to achieve sustainable economic growth for the nations. Various range of direct and indirect financial solutions will be offered by the UAE to the companies seeking to uncap the opportunities.

UAE’s aim and vision to the national industrial sector into a long-term sustainable growth is reflected in this partnership which will be achieved by fostering new sectors which will cater the needs of the future. Such move shall bolster the connection and mutual cooperation between these Arab Countries, created economic diversification, reduce the cost of imports and create an abundance of job opportunities for the nationals of these countries.

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