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World Government Summit 2022 at Dubai Expo 2022

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The World Government Summit 2022 (WGX2022) this year is set to convene in Dubai and the summit shall take place at Expo 2020 Dubai from March 29 -30. The World Government Summit organization is a global, neutral, non-profit organization which is dedicated to shaping the future of governments, and it is a global exchange platform for governments to shape future governments.
The Summit shall records the participation of senior leaders of international organizations, high-level government officials, thinkers, leaders and industry experts operating across the globe. The summit aims to set the agenda for the next governmental decade by harnessing technology, digital transformation and functioning as a stage for analysis of future trends, concerns and opportunities facing humanity.
With more than a hundred interactive sessions and panels of elite group of speakers, the participants will shed light on global challenges and means to enhance performance of governments and prepare for any unforeseen changes.
The agenda of the event will consist of themes such as:
  • Building cities of the Future
  • Actioning Sustainability for Positive Impact
  • Exploring the Frontiers
  • Empowering Societal Resilience
  • Enabling the Future of Education and Work
  • Accelerating Global Economic Recovery
  • Polices enabling Progress and Government Development
  • Designing the Future of Healthcare Systems
Attendees at the WGS2022 shall be more than 4,000, more than 110 speakers and sessions/workshops and shall include participation of more than 30 international organizations.

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