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Why visiting Expo 2020 is an opportunity you should not miss

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Expo 2020 being a global in-person world event has held many exciting events till date. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, Expo 2020 has received an overwhelming number of over 12.4 million visitors so far. Another factor for the rise of such visitors is the easing of pandemic restrictions worldwide, allowing tourists to visit UAE and be a part of this lifetime experience.

Major attractions of the Expo 2020 has the light shows, displays and big screens which the visitors find worth queuing for. Visitors experienced live events, various country pavilions, international forums, music and great food.

And if that’s not all, Expo 2020 has held a series of amazing events including included notable concerts with some well-known international music bands. Expo 2020 has also launched the season pass finale for the final 50 days of the world fair.

This gives an immense opportunities to those who are yet to visit the world fair and attend this first in-person global events since the pandemic outbreak.

In the following days, Expo 2020 will also mark several notable events bringing together governments, corporation and change makers to discuss on crucial subjects.

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