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New Economic Activities introduced in 2022

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This year, Dubai has witnessed addition of new activities across a number of vital sectors in 2021. The Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector at the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) have added a number of 98 new economic activities further increasing the economic activities to a rate of 88%, raising the total number of activities to more than 2,200.
The newly added activities entail specialised business sectors in Dubai, such as green hydrogen production, artificial intelligence developing services, gaming localisation services, industrial consultancies, 3D printing building construction contracting, space consultancies, plant based diary manufacturing, underwater photography services, video gaming consoles manufacturing, virtual reality and augmented reality provision and development services, storage environments temperature verification services and co-working spaces operation.
Such step will further expand the openness of Dubai’s economy with other geographies and ultimately attract global markets, enhance the investment flow into the economy and facilitate the movement of UAE’s tourism and foreign trade in the region.
UAE has already taken major steps in the growth of the IT sector which as a high potential industry. And by adding new economic activities in the gaming sector, Dubai enjoys a leading position in terms of the digital entertainment which can act as one of an important contributor to the economy.
Since the time the pandemic restrictions have started easing worldwide, Dubai has opened a floodgate of new business opportunities for the entrepreneurs and investors who can look forward to have a great start of their business endeavours in the UAE.

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