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UAE all set to celebrate its 50 year Golden Jubilee

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UAE is prepared to mark the golden jubilee in the honour of its official 50th UAE national Day celebrations. The year of 2021 has witnessed some of the major legal reforms in UAE’s 50 years of history.

The changes includes positive steps involving greater protection of personal data (Data Law), as the first federal law to be drafted in collaboration with major –tech companies and enabling the control of data be it in terms of usage, storage, and dissemination.

The changes include several initiatives such as GREEN VISAS for freelancers, highly skilled professionals, investors, exceptional students and graduates & entrepreneurs, stronger copyright rules and legislations tackling spread of rumours and fake news.

New reforms have been introduced that would allow investors and entrepreneurs to establish and manage a fully own onshore companies in almost every sector, with the exception that the company activities are deemed to be ‘strategic’.

In terms of commercial companies, the new Commercial Companies Law is aimed at increasing foreign direct investment and reaffirm UAE’s position as leading business hub, both regionally and globally. UAE had also recently announced it’s joining the Madrid Protocol System for trademark registration system in order to improve its Intellectual Property Practices.

Furthermore, this is a great year since Dubai started World Expo 2020 which is packed full with exciting events, attractions, performance, and entertainment in celebration of the UAE Golden jubilee.

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