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Consider advisory before investing in business in the UAE

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UAE offers the best infrastructural facilities when it comes to investors considering investment. The country offers a straightforward and business friendly environment and is considered as a globally-minded business hub.

Investors are mainly focussed on making investments in UAE due to the fact that UAE economy is growing fiercely with an expanding range of asset classes for the investors and variety of investment options for high-net worth individuals to choose Ranging from stock exchange to company formation, real estate purchase etc.

However, an investor must take a number of precautions prior considering investment in a UAE business.
The UAE is comprised of several emirates and jurisdictions, including mainland and free zone, mostly having their own laws, therefore it is very important to identify laws applicable for businesses in UAE.
This could involve company laws, AML/CFT compliance related issues, Data protection and Privacy laws and foreign ownership.

In terms of investment during Expo 2020, many businesses look forward to enter the UAE market and establish their presence in this global market. But investors must bear in mind that with the implementation of regulatory instruments in the recent times, instances such as issuance of licenses and more specifically, the ownership restrictions remain at the discretion of the emirate’s specific economic departments.

It is important to understand, analyse and determine if a proposed business is likely to prosper amidst the ever growing, dynamic and fast evolving legal landscape and that they can implement appropriate resources to ensure matters related to compliance and local laws and regulations.
How Freemont Oneworld group can assist you?

Our legal and compliance team is equipped with professional specialists with knowledge of the UAE legal and regulation systems.

We can advise you on the right structure for your business and assist you with the relevant laws, compliance and policies so you can set up your company and manage your business efficiently.

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